Virtual Visits: timely and productive client support – for today and tomorrow

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What are Virtual Visits?

Before the recent changes to global health guidelines and working practices, InstantOnIT delivered client support services through on-site visits and our support desk. But in the current situation, one-to-one, on-site support is no longer possible. That’s where Virtual Visits come in.

Virtual Visits enable us to connect you with your dedicated InstantOnIT support team. Using integrated and structured collaboration software such as Teams – including phone calls, video conferencing tools, instant chat, training sessions, remote control and file management – Virtual Visits mirror the personal, one-to-one support you’d expect onsite, but in a virtual environment.

You can schedule an appointment with an InstantOnIT support team you’re familiar with and who understand your business at a time that suits you and your colleagues.

Sessions can be booked via our website or app – just like our on-site visits.

Virtual Visits for now and after COVID-19

While COVID-19 has forced remote working practices on many of us and we’ve all had to navigate sudden changes to our current working arrangements, Virtual Visits shouldn’t just be seen as a temporary fix. Rather, they should be viewed as a convenient way to compliment the personal support of on-site visits – and they’re often easier to schedule.

Virtual Visits are opening a new era of more productive and personal IT support services.

To find out more about our Virtual Visit support, and how it can help you get personalised IT support, get in touch with our team today.

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