Meet Gareth, IT consultant

Company news

Job Title:
I.T. Consultant

How long have you been with Instant On IT (IOIT)?
3 and a half years

What brought you to IOIT?
I had been at my previous job for 10 years and I decided it was time for something new. Based on my knowledge and experience, I.T. recruitment agencies seemed to suggest that freelance work was the way forward. Even though I would get support from suppliers, the thought of working mostly alone scared me. The second I sat down for my interview at IOIT, I knew I wanted to work there.

What was your first impression of IOIT:
I was instantly impressed by the business team. I could see that IOIT was ahead of the competition and was putting itself out there to gain business. The staff are very friendly – it felt like joining a big happy family. Things like a fridge full of beer for 5pm on Fridays and getting invited away to Croatia to go sailing are just the icing on the cake!

Describe a typical working day for you:
My journey into London depends on which client I am visiting that morning. Being in front of clients, my role tends to involve many aspects including technical support, consultancy, procurement, account handling and project management so no day is the same. I’m constantly juggling hats! Most days, I blink and can’t believe it’s 6pm already! However, I consider this a good thing and I am never bored or looking for more challenges that I don’t already have.

What is your favourite thing about the work you do?
I love being out and about and looking after clients; I have a good rapport with them. Getting my teeth stuck into a project is always very satisfying. We are constantly being exposed to new technologies which is every geek’s dream. We are learning new things all the time at IOIT; knowledge is king, right?

On a typical day, what do you have for lunch?
If you asked me this 3 months ago, I would have said a homemade salad or other various healthy packed lunches but it is now the season for comfort, plus it’s hard not to be tempted by the wonderful selections of street food stalls that have now popped up all over London. Why would you ever need go into a supermarket and purchase a cold sandwich anymore?

What are you most famous for at IOIT?
I tend to be involved with client office moves or new office setups, and in that time I’ve built up a portfolio of contacts and suppliers that I use to assist me, so staff are always asking me “Gareth what’s that printer company or that Audio Visual guy?”

What makes a dream client?
My happy clients are my dream clients. The I.T. industry is constantly evolving, so a client who understands that and is happy to listen to my advice and make changes where needed is a dream client.

What’s your favourite business/life quote?
Measure twice and cut once.

What area of IT interests you most?
I grew up as a nuts and bolts sort of guy so I’m easily pleased by physical technology such as computer/server hardware, mobile phones, video and networking equipment. I do also appreciate a well written application that has been developed to make your life easier. Five years ago, Office 365 was spreading its name as the e-mail solution for businesses; now it’s the biggest e-mail provider in the world! We are at an age of Azure and hosted services: I love being part of these innovations and being able to use these technologies and services for our clients.

What has been your best memory during your time at IOIT so far (at work or at one of our social events)?
The only problem with our social events is there are so many of them and they often include *a bit* of drinking so I can never remember all of them! We work with such a great bunch of people and we all get on well together in and out of the office, so every social event makes for great memories.

Who really makes the best cup of tea in the office?
Not a tea drinker but being a coffee snob, the fresh ground coffee isn’t half bad!