Is there any other industry than IT which changes so fast?

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Our Managing Director and Founder Paul Coote recently attended the Ingram UK Cloud Summit 2018. Paul has reflected on the event below sharing information regarding the changing nature of the IT industry and what’s in store for the future.

Is there any other industry than IT which changes so fast, and has done continuously for so many years?

Industry conferences are great places to take stock of where you are and how you fit into the fast-changing industry landscape. It’s very easy to be blinkered in your outlook if you do not see the outside world. So being involved in the recent Ingram Cloud Summit event was a good place to take stock and also to see how a good portion of the SME IT market feels and is doing business.

On the face of it, many of the companies I spoke to are doing very well, the US market is buoyant, but change is afoot and for many IT companies the future is going to be very bleak. Ingram’s Nimesh Dave in a keynote at Cloud Summit spoke about how the cloud is an extinction level event for traditional IT Support companies. I think he is right, the market has moved so fast so quickly. Cloud and the subscription style model which predominantly comes with it is becoming the glue to everything in our lives, even if we don’t want it to be so.

The BBC website announced that in 2019 Banking by Mobile Applications will overtake web interactions for the first time. Those interactions are being cloud-delivered, banks are literally not on-premise anymore. Azure and Amazon public clouds, along with IBM, Google are predicted to grow by 21% in 2018 and are going to take a large portion of new services. Costs of hosting services in public cloud are dropping as the competition increases, on-premise email services are rapidly disappearing completely, and the ability to migrate existing services from on-premise direct to the Public cloud is getting easier and faster.

Private Cloud is not going away, its suggested it may well increase, but its use cases will become more niche and location dependent, fill in the gaps where Public Cloud won’t go, deal with compliance related hosting or where the public cloud costs just don’t add up.

The challenges to our industry were very well summed up by Michelle Bailey from IDC, Service industries are going to have to find ways of increasing productivity but in a market where finding qualified staff is getting harder and harder. In an excellent presentation full of great information it ended with a stark warning about the future jobs market, and the reducing base of potential graduates coming into IT, particularly women. Automated processes and AI are going to have to plug some deep holes in the reducing talent pool.

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