Ignite 2019 – Thoughts pt 4

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Part 4 from Ignite 2019, With more and more organisations adopting cloud solutions it makes for an exciting time to be in the IT industry, here is another small snippet of useful features we saw at the conference.

Microsoft announced their Azure storage platform will have native Active Directory support soon, what this means is the file server as we know it now either as a physical server or a virtual machine is no longer required.  Any conventional file system can be migrated to Azure storage and be presented as a service retaining any permissions structures which may already be in place. It can then then allow use of all the benefits which the Azure infrastructure offers, presenting users with an always on seamless experience. It also eliminates the need for Server patching and maintenance, instead patches and are applied on the fly immediately by Microsoft making use of their Azure Hot Patching methodologies. Technical detail on how SQL hot patching works can be read here

user with Desktop

Windows Virtual desktop is something we have known to be in the pipeline for some time and was made generally available a few months back we have been testing it internally since its release. However, Microsoft announced some exciting developments in its media content redirection which means streaming of media content within WVD makes it a real contender for systems like Citrix desktops.

Microsoft also announced MSIX app attach which will be natively available as part of windows. With this feature in Windows virtual desktops, it will allow for applications to be assigned and added on the fly while users are logged in and not impacting a user’s session at all.

With other features that Windows Virtual Desktop offer like Full conditional access support, the ability to sync One Drive and SharePoint within a virtual desktop. WVD developments further assured us it is a leading go-to system for remote desktop / remote application use cases.

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